As media buyers, we source our own traffic across thousands of premium websites in order to boost brand awareness and increases sales. Our premium placements are highly effective in delivering quality traffic and maximum exposure.

Additionally, we operate and manage a private affiliate network comprised of trusted media buyers like us. This allows us to expand our reach into several verticals and niches quicker than most. When you combine our media buying expertise along with our trusted partners , you create the formula for a successful campaign.
Like a talent scout, we have an eye for emerging trends with the foresight to know when, and with whom to invest in. Whether it’s a brand or an advertiser, we partner with these companies to provide technical, operational, and a touch of vision in order to help them bring their ideas to the market.

We take pride in funding emerging trends, products, and companies ensuring a successful launch.
We put a high value on bringing all aspects of our business in-house. With our advanced technical team, strategic media buying, specialized call center, and full service fulfillment, we keep our finger on the pulse by personally being involved in each process to better manage our investments and endeavors. Our office environment nurtures a positive company culture while reflecting who we are, and what we do.

At Tamble, we truly believe in the "work hard, play hard philosophy." You see this demonstrated right as you walk through our office doors. Whether its a game of pool, our classic arcade games, foosball, or even getting a quick workout session in our custom gym, our facility provides the best atmosphere to take a break. When done, its back to our modern, and open office space.

When it comes to producing results, we grind, but we also value the importance of down time and keeping it real.
We believe in building our own tools and technology to manage the different areas of our business. Developing tools that match our specific needs keeps us in the driver’s seat to increase every aspect of a campaign. These tools span the scope of our entire business from an online advertising tracking platform, campaign optimization system, to e-commerce and data management.

Our innovation and technology is what creates a more efficient enterprise at Tamble.
Tamble is an Interactive Production Business that offers a professional yet fresh approach to today’s online and offline marketing industry. From our internal services and operations, to venture capital funding, interactive brand development, and our proprietary technology development division, we are a full service organization.
  • Internal Services and Operations

    Our team employs a broad range of advanced techniques to ensure top placement of brands and campaigns.

    • Media Buying, Placement and Management
    • Campaign Optimization and Tools
    • Shipping, Fulfillment and Warehousing Services
    • Call Center and Customer Service Tools and Resources
  • Venture and Company Funding

    We identify emerging companies and create strategic partnerships to bring new products and services to market.

    • Venture Capital Investment
    • Entrepreneurial Management
    • Opportunity Projection and Strategy
    • Technical and Marketing Resource Deployment

  • Interactive Brand Development

    Through creative product and page design efforts we build brands from the ground up.

    • Manufacturer Selection and Sourcing
    • Product Design and Labeling
    • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
    • Marketing Collateral Design and Execution
  • Proprietary Technology Development

    Building technology is our specialty, built by users for users.

    • Web and Mobile Development
    • Software Architecture and Frameworks
    • System Integration and Database Design
Push is a proprietary affiliate network-tracking platform that is robust in performance and design with campaign management at its core. Advertisers’ campaigns are run through various traffic channels and tracked in real-time.
Drive By is a sophisticated optimization system that analyzes and manages domains, landing pages and linking for online advertising campaigns.
Comiseo is a CRM (Client Relationship Management) and e-commerce platform that inputs transaction information for effective customer service, retention, and growth. This system fully integrates the shopping cart and e-commerce experience.
PingTarget is our Lead Generation system that provides management and control of lead data as well as ping-tree posting.
Push:int is an affiliate network. Advertisers and publishers rely on its real-time tracking to measure campaign performance and scale offers in a variety of categories from all different traffic types. visit website »
Wellki is a social health portal that promotes health, diet, and fitness all from within a unique social network. Users create profiles with likeminded people and exchange fitness and diet tips, encourage one another to achieve their goals, and learn more about leading a healthy lifestyle. visit website »
Tremeta is our in-house mailing team. Tremeta allows us to provide email data monetization for our partners. In addition Tremeta manages whitelist mailings, such as newsletters, autoresponders, and direct contact email. visit website »
BlueDrone is our distribution and fufillment system. With a nationwide reach and a centralized location within the United states, we typically see 3 day delivery nationwide. BlueDrone provides you the space, manpower, and tools needed to fulfill any distribution need. visit website »



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Minneapolis, MN 55405